NAVIGON glossary

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Autoswitch Day & Night Mode

does exactly what its name says. When it gets dark outside, the display automatically adjusts to the new light situation.


Clever Parking

helps you to find a parking spot. Clever Parking displays nearby parking areas shortly before reaching your destination. You’ll be able to avoid lengthy searches and just drive directly to a parking area.

Coordinate Entry

offers the option of entering a destination by its coordinates. A practical alternative to the traditional address entry when locating camping sites, for example.

City View 3D

displays cities as they really are – in 3D with buildings by the roadside. This provides a better overview and better orientation assistance throughout your journey.


Desert Navigation

proves that your NAVIGON can take you anywhere you want to go. Even if you find yourself alone in the middle of desert, you can be sure that you’ll arrive at your destination safely.


Emergency Help

tells you within seconds where important locations such as the police, hospitals and more can be found – when it counts.


FM Radio Transmitter

transmits navigation information, your favourite music and even phone calls over your car speakers. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Favourites on the map

shows you your favourite places in the form of special destinations, ensuring that you can see at a glance when you happen to be around the corner of your favorite Italian restaurant or your friends.


Latest Map Guarantee

Within 30 days after the first use of the device you can download our most recent map material for free.

Lane Assistant Pro

helps you to make your way through even the most hectic traffic situations. It provides you with a clear look ahead, showing you whether you need to change lanes for this turn and also for the next.



Whatever kind of driver you are, NAVIGON MyRoutes recommends the best route every time, adapted to your personal driving style, the day of the week and the time of day. In addition, your NAVIGON also displays up to two further possible routes, providing a clear choice. You decide whether you follow the recommended route or take one of the alternatives.


has a new roundabout appeared in the city? Or a street changed its name? NAVIGON MyReport lets you inform us about changes to the road network. Once they’ve been thoroughly checked by experts, they are incorporated into one of our next map releases.


allows you to easily transfer all of your contact addresses from your computer to your NAVIGON. This ensures that you always have your important addresses where you need them: with you.


Prayer times & Mecca finder

guarantees that you'll never miss, prayer time in stressful traffic. With your NAVIGON, you have a genuine navigation professional on boards, so you'll be informed throughout your journey where Mecca lies - allowing you to pray at convenience.

POI Click

allows you to click and select a point of interest (POI) on the map such as petrol stations or tourist attractions. In addition, it provides essential information such as addresses, opening hours and telephone numbers. You can also choose to be taken there directly by your Navigon.

PIN Protection

ensures that your NAVIGON device will not work for anyone who is trying to use or take it without your permission.


Real Roadsign Pro

guarantees a safe journey, every time. A road sign to match the road features appears on your display – for example, when sharp bends, strong winds or slippery stretches are expected. So you‘ll be well prepared for the various driving conditions ahead. There’ll be no surprises, just safe driving.

Reality View Pro

shows roads not as lines, but realistically, with asphalt and road markings and signs. This makes it easier for you to maintain an overview of motorway junctions and helps you choose the right exit (Reality View Light: exits only).


Speed Assistant

tells you the current speed limit. It will also provide you with audio and visual warnings, if you happen to exceed it..

Smart Speller

only shows you letter combinations which actually make sense. Fzoutxh Street and other such nonsense are now a thing of the past.



not only reads out distances, but also the names of roads and exits – to ensure that you can concentrate on the road.

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