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NAVIGON functions

The many intelligent NAVIGON functions help you to reach your destination safely, quickly and easily. Experience how relaxing driving can be!

Active Lane Assistant
Always in the right lane

Know what the road ahead holds with Active Lane Assistant
Which lane should I be in? Sound familiar to you? You’re in the far left lane and suddenly realise that you need to turn right. The Active Lane Assistant feature from NAVIGON® shows you in hectic traffic when you need to change lanes, in which direction and in plenty of time so you won’t miss the next exit. Safe and stress-free driving with NAVIGON®.

Get in the right lane with Active Lane Assistant
Active Lane Assistant provides you with a realistic display of the road ahead, including bends, in the form of a dynamic travelling animation. An orange arrow in the animation points out which lane you need to be in. And to make sure you know ahead of time what is coming after the next bend, you will be shown up to the next four turns along the route ahead. A well-anticipated idea from NAVIGON®!

This feature is only available in the following countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates.

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  • One Click Menu
  • Prayer times & Mecca finder
  • Desert Navigation

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