NAVIGON 40 Premium


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NAVIGON functions

The many intelligent NAVIGON functions help you to reach your destination safely, quickly and easily. Experience how relaxing driving can be!

Bluetooth Hands Free Kit 2.0
Connect your NAVIGON to your mobile phone

Use two mobile phones with your navigation device
Have you ever been in a situation in which you were slightly distracted from traffic? You’re sitting in the car and suddenly your business mobile rings. With the hands-free kit, you can simply accept the phone call whilst continuing to concentrate on driving. But what do you do if your personal mobile phone isn’t connected via Bluetooth and that starts ringing too? NAVIGON has come up with a clever solution: thanks to the innovative Bluetooth Hands Free Kit 2.0 from NAVIGON, two mobile phones can now be connected to your navigation device at the same time.

Your NAVIGON 40 Premium as a replacement mobile phone
This allows you to take calls in the car via Bluetooth from your private as well as your business mobile phone through your navigation device. You can also easily make calls from both mobile phones as you can now access the phone books on both mobile phones. Great news for you: you can use two phones with your NAVIGON. Drive safely, stress-free and with your full attention on the road – no matter which phone is ringing.

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  • One Click Menu
  • Prayer times & Mecca finder
  • Desert Navigation

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