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Den som kjører med NAVIGON, vil vite alt helt nøyaktig. For eksempel hvordan man utfører oppdateringer, installerer ekstra kart eller tjenester, eller hvordan NAVIGON FreshMaps fungerer. Her finner du håndbøker, nedlastinger og svar på spørsmålene dine.

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Which functions are possible during the navigation (MN6)?

It may be decided that during the navigation course some possible changes must be done without having to interrupt the navigation itself.

Under „Optiones “ you can carry out setting changes in the route profile. You can allow a road list to be displayed. You can remove route segments in this point, if you wish to avoid a certain street.

You can navigate in the map above the magnifying glass symbol. By clickining on the actual displayed map other possible options will appear.

Here you can change the view

Day / Night
Here can change between night mode and day mode

Interim Destination
Here you can still enter a route point. Then the navigation will assume it as an immediate destination and will lead you to it. Then you can continue the navigation to your original destination.

Skip route point
Tap on this button to omitt the next route point. This button is inactive if there are not at least 2 route points laying before you.

Tap this button to close any route segment lying before you, to re-calculate i.e. a route avoiding this segment, e.g., because you have been ifnormed through the radio that there is a traffic jam on this route segment. Tap once again on this button to release the block.

POI on your route
Tap on this button to select POI's on your route. Thus you find out, e.g., how fast, far is it still to the next resting place. You can insert a POI here also as an interim.

We would like to point out the fact that preforming this operations while driving can be very dangerous since your attention can be distracted. Please try to preform this changes while your vehicle is completely stopped.

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