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Den som kjører med NAVIGON, vil vite alt helt nøyaktig. For eksempel hvordan man utfører oppdateringer, installerer ekstra kart eller tjenester, eller hvordan NAVIGON FreshMaps fungerer. Her finner du håndbøker, nedlastinger og svar på spørsmålene dine.

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I have no GPS reception in my vehicle. How does an external GPS antenna help me?

Some vehicles come with a metallised windscreen or a windscreen heater. This can lead to poor, limited or no GPS signal receiption at all. If necessary, place the GPS receiver close to the rear-view mirror. Here there is often a small none metallised surface area and rarely any heating wire, that can cause interference with satellite reception (e.g. garge remote controls are usually placed here). Consult your vehicle's retailer or the user's manual guide of your vehicle.

As an alternative an external GPS antenna can be connected to most GPS receivers and navigation devices. This connection can be directly preformed by connecting the GPS reciever or pocket PC's and navigation system with integrated GPS receivers through a cable to the external GPS aerial antenna with a built-in magnet to be attached and fastened on the vehicles metal roof surface. NAVIGON and Transonic PNAs need MMCX- GPS external aerial antennas. Most GPS receivers need a MCX-GPS external aerial antenna. If you do not know which kind of external aerial antenna you require, please contact the specialist supplier from whom you have acquired your device from or consult your user's manual guide.

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