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Den som kjører med NAVIGON, vil vite alt helt nøyaktig. For eksempel hvordan man utfører oppdateringer, installerer ekstra kart eller tjenester, eller hvordan NAVIGON FreshMaps fungerer. Her finner du håndbøker, nedlastinger og svar på spørsmålene dine.

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My navigation system is not receiving a GPS signal.

It can take up to 20 minutes to initialise a GPS receiver for the first time. Each time you switch on the navigation device or the GPS receiver, GPS reception will start within a short time after. If more than a week has passed since the navigation device or the GPS receiver was last switched on, it can take up to 10 minutes to initialise it the next time.

GPS reception can also be obstructed by external conditions. In multi-storey car parks or tunnels, for example, reception is often greatly restricted or impossible. The commencement of GPS reception may be delayed if you set off before the software indicates correct GPS reception. If you are using an external GPS receiver, this one must be connected to the navigation device by cable or by wireless Bluetooth.

A problem with GPS reception can have many reasons. You learn here what could limit the GPS reception.

Is the GPS reception of your device often defective or inefficient? Then you can solve the most problems by yourself. Please follow this workflow:

    1. Start your device under the  free sky.

    2. Wait until the grey GPS sign is shown on the screen (top right).

    3. If GPS ist not available after 20 minutes, please perform a hardreset.
        Important: If you perform a hardreset, all personal data and
        settings will be lost. Do a backup at all costs!

    4. Repeat step 1 and 2.

    5. If you still do not have any GPS reception, please
        restore your device.

    6. If all these steps were ineffective and you stil do not have any
        GPS reception, please contact our customer support.


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