NAVIGON on the move …

NAVIGON has been successfully manufacturing mobile navigation solutions and producing GPS software for reputable consumer electronics manufacturers, and professional, highly flexible navigation solutions for the commercial market and the automotive OEM market since 1991. Developing the world’s first GPS navigation system was the work of pioneers, and the company continues to set new standards of quality with its products today.

NAVIGON is also a leading international company in the mobile navigation sector (according to Canalys Q4/2008). As navigation experts, we are one of Europe’s largest navigation software manufacturers, with a global presence through subsidiaries in North America, Asia and Europe. Over 400 employees worldwide work for NAVIGON.

Our historical milestones


  • Strategic partnership with T-Mobile: New era in smartphone navigation and launch of MobileNavigator for iPhone and GooglePhone. New product series launched with innovative functions such as NAVIGON MyRoutes (NAVIGON 7310, 3300|3310, 4350max|4310max, 2310 and 1300|1310). Improvement of 3D features with Real City 3D (NAVIGON 8410) and an intelligent combination of car and pedestrian navigation (automatical switch of landscape/portrait mode within the NAVIGON 1400|1410 and 2410). Implementation of connected services with NAVIGON 6350 Live and 8450 Live).
  • Market launch with automotive after-market solutions and rear-view mirror navigation.
  • Entry into the Russian, South African and Brazilian markets


  • Partnership with ViaMichelin and the launch of new products (NAVIGON 8110 and 2110max/2150max – 1200/1210, 2200/2210, 7210)
  • Launch of the innovative NAVIGON FreshMaps map service
  • Launch of the MobileNavigator 7 with pedestrian navigation (MN 7 Symbian)
  • Entry into the Greek and Australian markets. Activities in Austria are expanded.


  • NAVIGON combines first-class technology and excellent design in its own navigation systems: the NAVIGON 2100, 5100 and 7100 series are launched as our first own-brand systems developed in-house. With the Samsung collaboration for the SGH-i550 and SGH-i560 products, NAVIGON enters the future market for mobile-phone navigation.


  • Launch of the NAVIGON Right product range for professional use
  • Strategic partnership with Truck24


  • NAVIGON AG founded (transfer of NAVIGON GmbH business to NAVIGON AG). System-independent on- and off-board solutions for private and professional use


  • Launch of the NAVIGON MobileNavigator 4 navigation system as the first modular system with VoiceCommand
  • Launch of the first on-board navigation system for Smartphones
  • NAVIGON Inc. starts up in Chicago/USA
  • The multi-lingual call centre for customer enquiries opens


  • Market launch of the first mobile on-board navigation system with Europe-wide maps and navigation right down to the street number
  • Company-specific navigation solutions with interfaces to tour planning and CRM systems developed
  • Launch of off-board navigation for mobile phones and MEDAS driver-assistance systems (today known as MapSensor)
  • Branches opened in Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, France, Benelux, Spain, Portugal and Italy

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