NAVIGON® Panorama View 3D

View the landscape in 3D
Upgrade your navigation device with the Panorama View3D function. Panorama View3D shows you the landscape in your display, not as a flat image, but in 3D with mountains and valleys. This realistic display of your surroundings makes it easier to understand the direction of the road and the landscape.

Better orientation
This handy function allows you to maintain an overview at all times, so you can keep your bearings in unfamiliar areas.

NAVIGON® Panorama View <sup>3D</sup>

Discover this function for yourself:

  • NAVIGON® Panorama View 3D

    • Better orientation
    • realistic 3D display

    Available for:

    • NAVIGON® 42 Plus
    • NAVIGON® 42 Easy Europe 23

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