NAVIGON® Camper and Caravan Navigation

A relaxed journey to your holiday with NAVIGON® Camper and Caravan Navigation

Sound familiar to you? You’re on the move with your motorhome and suddenly find yourself in a place where the road conditions are no problem for cars but are not suitable for your motorhome – e.g. narrow roads. You have to turn around and find an alternative route. This wastes holiday time! Here’s the solution: with the NAVIGON® Camper and Caravan Navigation service, you can follow a route that is suitable for motorhomes from the outset. For the best route to your holiday!

NAVIGON® Camper and Caravan Navigation – create your motorhome profile and go on holiday without the need for any detours

Simply enter the height, width, length, weight and axle load for your motorhome and your NAVIGON® will show you the appropriate route for you, thanks to the new Camper and Caravan Navigation. You can therefore safely avoid roads on which motorhomes are not permitted, narrow roads and bridges and tunnels with low height clearances or for which your vehicle is too heavy to cross. In addition, this service will also navigate the way to over 16,000 additional points of interest, such as filling stations and shops that are open around the clock for snacks on route to your holiday. Leave the hassle of detours at home and get your camping holiday off to a relaxed start with NAVIGON®!


Camper and Caravan Navigation features:

  • Special route profile for motorhome drivers
  • Profile configuration based on length, height, width, weight
  • Consideration of physical restrictions (e.g. low bridges, narrow roads)
  • Consideration of legal restrictions, e.g. roads where motorhomes are not permitted
  • Time-related restrictions

It is not currently possible to use Camper and Caravan Navigation in addition to the Live Services.

NAVIGON® Camper and Caravan Navigation

Discover this function for yourself:

  • NAVIGON® Camper and Caravan Navigation

    • special route profile for drivers towing caravans
    • suitable for the NAVIGON® 40 Premium, NAVIGON® 70 Premium, NAVIGON® 6310 and NAVIGON® 8410
    • includes NAVIGON® Q2/2010 map update

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