Map of North America

Planning to do a cross-country tour of the USA? Want to take in the big cities on the east or west coasts of the USA? Or just cruise through California with the top down? Live out your dreams – but make sure you’ve got reliable map material for North America from NAVIGON® first! So there’ll be no dead ends and the dream doesn’t become a nightmare.

  • NAVIGON® Release Q2/2011
  • All states in the USA


Available for:

  • NAVIGON® 92 Premium Live
  • NAVIGON® 92 Premium
  • NAVIGON® 92 Plus
  • NAVIGON® 72 Premium
  • NAVIGON® 72 Plus Live
  • NAVIGON® 72 Plus
  • NAVIGON® 72 Easy Europe 23
  • NAVIGON® 42 Premium
  • NAVIGON® 42 Plus
  • NAVIGON® 42 Easy Europe 23

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Map of North America

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