Software upgrade for NAVIGON® 40 Premium

Upgrade your NAVIGON® navigation system to a NAVIGON® 92 Premium – with the new navigation software NAVIGON® Flow, Panorama View 3D, Landmark View 3D and other useful functions that will get you safely and stress-free to your destination.

Daarnaast bevat uw software-upgrade:

  • Map of Europe: NAVIGON® release Q3/2015 with 44 countries included
  • Premium TMC (Germany)

* Het apparaat komt wat de software betreft overeen met de volgende serie. Afwijkingen in afzonderlijke componenten kunnen blijven bestaan.

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Software upgrade for NAVIGON® 40 Premium

All functions in detail

You can upgrade your NAVIGON with these new functions.:


Enjoy relaxed navigation with NAVIGON® Flow

Navigation has never been so stress-free: With the new NAVIGON® Flow navigation software, you'll be able to glide through the menu in an instant – and then on to your destination. In developing this software, we overhauled our previous operating concept and now stick to a clear principle: The functions you use most frequently can now be accessed more easily and intuitively. Plus gesture control makes light work of operating the device. All functions can now be controlled by simply tapping or swiping across the screen.


Intuitive operation – consistent, simple, optimised
The clearly arranged user interface makes operating even simpler than ever before. The advantages of the new NAVIGON® Flow can be felt in all navigation tasks.  For example, the TMC traffic avoidance function is now even better than ever: New traffic reports are clearly displayed in the map.  You will be suggested the optimum route based on the current traffic situation, making sure you get to your destination quickly and safely. After all, it is not always a good idea to leave the motorway for a country road.


NAVIGON® Flow - Navigation made easy

Premium TMC

You’ll be well informed: NAVIGON® Premium TMC offers you the latest and most precise traffic information. For this, it has access to the latest regional sources in your current area. You’ll be able to avoid traffic congestion and other obstacles in time to get to your destination quickly and comfortably.

Panorama View 3D

Panorama View3D shows you the landscape in your display, not as a flat image, but in 3D with mountains and valleys. This realistic display of your surroundings makes it easier to understand the direction of the road and the landscape.

Landmark View 3D

Experience interesting tourist attractions in 3D: Landmark View3D displays special orientation points in a realistic way with three-dimensional imaging. You’ll be able to orientate yourself even more quickly and easily with points of interest in unfamiliar cities.

City View3D 2.0

Realistic display of cities – just like looking out of the window

Familiar with City View3D from NAVIGON®? Meet the new and improved City View3D 2.0! This function displays cities as they really are – with a realistic display in 3D. Buildings are given realistic colours and roof shapes. Pavements along the road are raised slightly in the display. With this service, the images on your navigation device will be just like the view out of the window.

Know what lies ahead thanks to transparent displays of buildings

Images of nearby buildings in City View3D 2.0 are transparent. This means you get a better display of your route, since the route display is no longer obstructed by buildings, nor by any special destinations ahead. This makes orientation easier and allows you to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

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