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Restriction of GPS reception

The restriction of the GPS signal can have various reasons. Some of them are explained here:

    ▪ The first initialization of a GPS receiver can take up to 20 minutes.
      Each time you switch on the navigation device, after that, the
      GPS signal will be available after a short time. If the navigation device
      or GPS receiver was not switched on for more than a week, the next
      initialization may take up to 10 minutes.

    ▪ In principle, a clear view to the satellites is necessary for proper
      GPS reception. Tunnels, urban canyons and reflecting house fronts
      can restrict GPS reception or make it impossible.

    ▪ If the navigation device is used inside a vehicle, a metal coated
      windscreen or a windscreen heater can be the reason for poor
      GPS reception.

    ▪ If necessary, place the GPS receiver near the rear view mirror. The
      area is often contains no heating wires or coatings. Alternatively,
      most GPS receivers and navigation devices can be connected to
      an external GPS antenna. Please note that there are different types
      of connectors. Which type of connection your device uses can be
      found in the manual.

    ▪ The GPS reception can also be influenced by external factors. For
      example in car parks or tunnels the reception is often very limited
      or impossible. The GPS reception may be delayed if you start driving
      before a GPS connection is found. You can use an external
      GPS receiver. It must be connected to the navigation system,
      either with a connector or wireless (via Bluetooth).

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