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For your iPhone: navigation software that’s been tested a million times over

NAVIGON turns your iPhone into a mobile navigational device in a class of its own – courtesy of the many innovative features and extra functions in addition to NAVIGON professional guidance with onboard maps.
For example, wouldn’t you like your iPhone in future to tell you where there’s an available parking space – and take you straight to it? Or to warn you reliably of mobile speed cameras and other hazards ahead? And wouldn’t it be good if your iPhone quickly got you straight to the cheapest filling station in the vicinity and steered you safely around any traffic jams? And not least – what if your iPhone home screen looked so fabulous - thanks to NAVIGON design - that you’re the envy of everyone?!

With NAVIGON, we supply more than just good sound navigation. We provide safety, driving pleasure, reliability and an intelligent guide by your side. Always. Anywhere. Anytime.

Find available roadside parking

Only NAVIGON gives you the exclusive opportunity of finding an available parking space and being taken straight there. You can also control the blocks of streets on the display by means of various price filters. You can also check out specifics such as residents’ parking, pay-by-phone parking and restricted times for parking.

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Reality View Pro

Are you looking for a sat nav you can rely on to guide you from A to B when you have no internet access? And would you also like to find an available roadside parking space, have plenty of flexibility for planning routes and get a better fix on complicated junctions, for example? NAVIGON offers you all this. And a whole lot more besides.

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And that isn’t all: NAVIGON also provides you with more useful extra functions which are available in your NAVIGON app as in-app purchases.

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  • The professional navigation solution for the iPhone
  • The latest maps incl. two million POIs
  • Text-to-Speech

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