NAVIGON® Truck Navigation

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Truck Navigation

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NAVIGON® Truck Navigation

Let yourself be shown your optimal lorry route! Simply enter the height, width, length, weight and axle load for your vehicle type (HGV, delivery van, caravan) and your NAVIGON® will show you the appropriate route for you, thanks to the new Truck Navigation system. You can therefore safely avoid roads on which lorries or caravans are not permitted, narrow roads, bridges and tunnels with low height clearances. In addition, this service will also navigate the way to over 16,000 additional points of interest, such as filling stations, shops that are open around the clock or HGV washes.

Truck Navigation features:

  • Special route profile for HGVs, delivery vans and caravans
  • Profile configuration based on length, height, width, weight, max. axle load and whether you are carrying hazardous goods
  • Consideration of legal restrictions, e.g. roads where lorries or caravans are not permitted
  • Time-related restrictions
  • Display of special points of interest

It is not currently possible to use Truck Navigation in addition to the Live Services.

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