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My navigation system does not start. What can I do?

The reason for this problem can often be a flat battery. In some cases the fuse of your car socket is defect or the ignition of you car is turned off and has to be turned on for a charge process.

Please follow the instructions below in order to make a self-diagnosis before sending in your device for repair.

In the following steps, several problem scenarios (A, B, C...) will be described together with an advice how to handle them.

Check car charger/LED

A:     Both LED's are off (cable and device).

1.     Please check if the ignition of you car is turned on.

2.     Please check the fuse of your 12 V power outlet.

        If the LED's are still off, please contact our customer support.

B:     If the LED of the car charger is on and the LED of the
        device is off, please contact our customer support.

C:     Both LED's are on.

1.     Please charge your device for at least 20 minutes.

2.     Please press the power button for 10 seconds.

After charge process:

D:     In case your device does not start after charging, please try
        again. Also connect your device via USB cable with your PC
        and check if your computer identifies the device as a drive,
        named "NAVIGON". If it still does not work, your device is probably
         defect. Please contact our customer support.

E:     You see the starting screen, but the device freezes.

1.     Please perform a hardreset.

2.     If the hardreset was unsuccessful, please restore your device.

        In case both processes were unsuccessfully,
        please contact our customer support.

F:     If you hear the starting music but the screen stays off,
        please contact our customer support.


The device starts:

G:     Please unplug the charger and check the battery status
         (in the top-right corner of the device screen).
         If the device turns off after unplugging the charger, the battery
         is probably defect. Please contact our customer support.

Contact our customer support here.


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