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NAVIGON GPS receiver recommended: Modular receiver (MGPS I)

Bluetooth module and TMC module MGPS I module

Problem: Bluetooth module doesn't flash anymore.

•     Charge the Bluetooth module at least for 10 minutes. Afterwards,
      the Bluetooth module should flash again. A complete discharge
      of the Bluetooth module is can happen, if the module was not
      used for a longer period of time. You have to charge it for a longer

Problem: The Bluetooth module flashes very fast

•     The Bluetooth module can be adjusted in the PDA's
       Bluetooth-manager settings. Confirm a code inquery
       with "0000".

Problem: The Bluetooth module flashes always faster when the code is asked for.

•     When the Bluetooth module was not completely predetermined
       in the Bluetooth manager, the module will constantly flash faster.

Problem: No TMC receiption.
TMC search channel remains fixed on a frequency where no traffic information is being transmitted or received.

•     Disconnect the GPS receiver from the power supply (if necessary,
      switch off the Bluetooth module). Connect the TMC module once
      again. Connect it to the power supply once more.


Please note: The GPS must not be connected to the power supply when the modules get plugged or unplugged.

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