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Data transfer from NAVIGON 70s series models to MAC does not work

This problem appears with all NAVIGON 70s series models. The cause for the defective data transfer is a change in the firmware of Apple's MAC OS 10.6.6 and higher versions.

An update of the firmware of your navigation system to version 2.03 is necessary. How to find out the firmware version of your navigation system you can find here.

There are two possibilities for an Update (A ,B):

A:     Update with NAVIGON Fresh under Windows

        This way only works under Microsoft Windows.

1.     If you connect your NAVIGON device to your computer,
        please make sure that NAVIGON Fresh is installed and
        that you are connected to the internet. You can find
        information about how to perform an update with NAVIGON
        Fresh here.

B:     Update with MicroSD-card

1.     For this step you need an empty MicroSD-card with
        a FAT formatting. This card is not part of the
        purchased parts package.

2.     Download the firmware update file (ZIP file) here.

3.     Unpack the ZIP file to your SD-card.
        Important: Make sure that you do not store
        the unpacked files in a folder. The files must
        be stored separately on the card.

4.     Charge your device fully, or connect it to the power

5.     Put the SD-card into your device. The update will start
        automatically. If the update does not start, please
        perform a hardreset.

6.     Restart your device and follow the instructions
        on the screen.

Please note: During the firmware update, your personal settings will
be deleted. Your device will be set to the device's delivery status again.

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