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What is NAVIGON Safety Camera?

 NAVIGON Safety Camera includes facilities for distance measurement, to monitor speed (speed traps) and lights (lights flash). NAVIGON navigation systems are equipped with NAVIGON Safety Camera.

NAVIGON Safety Camera is not activated by default. If you would like to use NAVIGON Safety Camera, proceed as follows:

1.     Turn the navigation system on.

    MN7: Select "Options" - "Settings" - "Navigation".
        MN8: Select "More Button" more - "Navigation Settings"
         - "information while driving". (This process is described in
        the manual of your navigation system).

3.     Locate the setting "Advise of Traffic Controls".

4.     You can turn the NAVIGON Safety Camera on or off, or deinstall
         it.Create a backup of your device/memory card before
         you deinstall NAVIGON Safety Cameraor it will be permanently removed
         from the system.

If the NAVIGON Safety Camera has been deinstalled and you would like to install it again, you have these options to do so:Simply install the created backup, in case that this is not available, you can perform a device recovery via NAVIGON Fresh. Please note, that this is not available for all devices. If you purchased the year subsription to the NAVIGON Safety Cameras, you can simply install them again through NAVIGON Fresh under “Download Maps & Services”.

For many NAVIGON devices, there is a recent version of the NAVIGON Safety Camera available in the NAVIGON online shop.Please note that there can be restrictions for the use of NAVIGON Safety Camera.

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