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My NAVIGON software has already been activated (enabled) once. Now I am being told that the software needs to be activated. What should I do?

The MobileNavigator software activation applies to the installation on one specific navigation device. On the same device, the software can be installed and activated repeatedly with the same activation code (enabling code). If the hardware of the device is changed a lot, or if the software is installed on a different device, then the activation will no longer be valid.

A:     You would like to install the software on the same device on which it
         has already been installed and activated. Please follow these steps:

1.     Enter the activation code (enabling code) you were sent before. You can
        look up this code at any time in your MyNAVIGON account. Contact the
        NAVIGON Service Centre if you no longer know the access data for your
        MyNAVIGON account.

B:     You would like to install the software on a different device, or the device
         has e.g. been repaired, and key hardware components have been
         changed or replaced. Please follow these steps:

1.     You will need a copy of the original receipt for the software, the serial
        number of the software and the device ID which is shown on the display
        during the activation process.

2.     If you have purchased the software privately, e.g. through eBay, then you
        will also need a proof of purchase.

3.     Contact the NAVIGON Service Centre.

There you will be able to obtain an activation code (enabling code) immediately. Our employees are instructed to check that you have a purchase receipt. In this case you would first need to send a copy of the original receipt (and proof of purchase if you obtained the software from a private seller) to the NAVIGON Service Centre before you would be able to receive an activation code (enabling code).

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