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My NAVIGON device is defective. What should I do?

If your NAVIGON device is not working as it should and seems to be defective, then please contact NAVIGON's Service Center.

There one or our operators will discuss with you the problem, look for a solution and if necessary process a reparation order for your device.

Here you receive a short overview of the repair winding up:

Step1: Consult the FAQs and the user's manual guide of your device to check whether you are able to find a suitable solution there.
step 2: Explain the problem to Navigon's service center.
step 3: If our operator is not able to solve your inconvinence, a reparation refrence number (RMA number or CAS number), will be processed for your device.
step 4: You will recieve this reparation reference number and documantation via e-mail as a printable shipping label or by postal service.
Step 5: Please, pack your device as specified in the dispatch document.
Step 6: Please contact UPS (postal service) free hotline to arrange time and date of pick-up of your package.
Step 7: UPS will pick-up your package as agreed.
step 8: Your devicewill be checked in our service centre and repaired and if necessary exchanged
step 9: You will be recieving your device back through UPS once again.

All other devices:
As point 1 to 3.
You will receive the address of where and how you should dispatch your device well packed.

Please, make sure to attach the following documents when you send anything to be checked and reapired by our technicians, otherwise the reparation process will not be possible:

* copy of the purchase reciet of your NAVIGON (never the original reciet)
* a precise description of the problem to be fixed
* the complete bundle with accessories, software and SD card

If your device is out of guarantee or has a mechanical defect due to improper handling which is not covered by the guarantee, you will receive a cost for reparation invoice (KVA).

You must decide then, whether you agree to it and would like to have the device repaired for the stated price or you do not agree to it and will like to have the device be sent back to you unrepaired.

Please, note that in such cases you must pay the postal service price for having the device returned to you.

The same applies to devices that have no apperent problem to be fixed.

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