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Error: Invalid hash value defenition NAVIGON Fresh. What can I do?

What is the "hash value"?

The calculation of the hash value serves for the comparison of two files. While downloading a file the hash value is given by the sender. The receiver creates from the received file a hash value as well and compares these values.

If by downloading through the NAVIGON Fresh program the message: "Invalid hash value defenition" appears, then a transfer error has ocurred. Try the following steps to fix the problem:

▪     Try to download the file some time later once again.
      (perhaps, your Internet connection was limited or overloaded).

▪     If you use a firewall, please check the configuration settings.
      Port 21 and ports greater then 1023 should be released
      (standard value for FTP data transfer).

▪     With some firewalls FTP must be only admitted as a protocol.
      Please contact your firewall provider for further inquires regarding it.

After an internt connection interruption and and a restart, NAVIGON Fresh recognizes the exact point at which the download was stopped and continues the process at this exact same point. If you constinue recieving this message please contact our NAVIGON customer service.

This entry was last updated on: Monday, October 6, 2014 12:08 PM

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