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What can I do to improve the GPS-Signal of my iPhone?

During the following process the memory of your iPhone will be reorganized. This will have a positive effect on the quality of the GPS reception. The internal memory will be deleted completely during this reorganization. Therefore it is necessary to make a backup of the software (as described in step 1).

1.    Please connect your iPhone to iTunes and synchronize it. Then rightclick
       on the iPhone icon (in the left menu bar of iTunes) and choose "backup".
       iTunes will now create a complete backup of your iPhone content and

2.    Disconnect your iPhone from the computer and connect it to the
       power supply.

3.    Choose "Settings" - "General" - "Reset".

4.    Choose "Erase content and settings" and confirm the deletion.

5.    The following erasing procedure can take up to two hours and more,
       depending on the model and storage capacity of your iPhone .

6.    After the procedure has finished, please connect the iPhone to your
       computer again.

7.    Now restore your content and settings to your iPhone
       using the previously created backup.

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