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Use of the GPS receiver with Symbian mobile phones (MN6)

With some Symbian mobile phones with built-in GPS receiver (ex.: Nokia N95). You have the option to either use the built-in GPS receiver or connect an external GPS receiver.

Proceed for this this setting as follows:

     1.  On your mobile phone select successively: "Menu" - "system" -
          "settings" - " general" - " location" - " methods".

     2.  Here you can select whether you prefer to use the " integrated GPS "
          or the " Bluetooth GPS ".

     3.  If both methods are selected, the device will first search for the
          internal GPS receiver and then for a possible external GPS.

For further assistance please contact your mobile phone manufacturer.

This entry was last updated on: Friday, October 25, 2013 1:52 PM

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