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Quickfix NAVIGON 2510 TMC Funktionality

We recommend to use our free software NAVIGON Fresh for this process. Here you can download NAVIGON Fresh and also learn more about its functions. Alternatively, you can go the following way:

Installation instructions for Quick Fix for NAVIGON 2510 devices with restricted access to TMC messages after using the DVD Installer:

1.     Connect the device via USB to the computer.

2.     Unzip the downloaded "" Archive.

3.     Copy the extracted "UpdateMe.exe" to the root of the device's
        main directory (e.g. "(E:) NAVIGON"). Do not copy it into a folder.

4.     Disconnect the device from the computer.

5.     Switch off and on the device and wait for the updating process.
        After the process the device restarts and TCM is available again.

If you want to use the DVD store the "updateMe-.exe" file to use it after each new map arrangement (as it is deleted after the update).


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