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Installation of the Mobile Navigator 6 and 7 software on an SD card (PDA, Smartphone, Symbian)

Regardless of the specified version all installation assistants are same. The installation steps of the software on the SD card are similar for all versions.


A: Download version

   1. First unzip the ZIP file which you must have downloaded from our
       web page. Open the ZIP file and click on „Extract all files “.
       Depending of the operating system in your PC the process can be
       automatically carried out when the file was unzipped.

   2. Follow the instructions of the extraction assistant. The assistant will
       ask you in which folder you would like to save the unzipped files. We
       recommend to maintain the suggested option and not change it. The
       files are thereby filed under the same list as the ZIP file. By
       downloading you will see a green beam bar which indicates the state
       of the process. Even if the beam is completely green, has arrived to an
       end, it can still last several minutes until the process is concluded.
       Do not interrupt the process at this point, even if it appears to you as
       if the process has stopped.

   3. After the process is concluded, open the unzipped folder and make
       a double click on the „Start" file. Please follow now the instructions
       described in step B (2.) below.

B: From DVD

   1. Insert the DVD into the DVD disk drive. If the DVD does not start
       automatically, please go to your computer's work place, choose
       your DVD disk drive and double click then on „Start" file.

   2. Select now the language of your preference in which you wish the
       installation assistant to carry out the installation process. Language
       selection at this point does not affect the Mobile Navigator software.
       This selection is only for the installation assistant.

   3. In the actual screen you can start the installation, select the language
       of your preference for the installation assistant or read the software's

   4. After you click on „Installation “ you will be requested to insert the
       SD card into the connected SD card reader. Please proceed to do
       so now, if you have not done this before. Please make sure that your
       SD card reader is conditioned and has enough memory space to
       process an SDHC memory card of at least 2 GB of memory capacity.

   5. In the new screen you will see a brief overview of your SD card. The
       disk  drive is indicated, the size of the SD card, the free memory space
       on the SD card and information of if the software MN6 is already
       in the SD card.

   6. Select now the map material which you will like to install. You can
       install only several maps if you are concerned that the memory card
       size is limited. Make sure that the memory card size is enough, find
       in the left conrner a picture of a beam bar which fills up as more
       maps are added. This displayed bar indicates you, how much free
       memory is still available. Also note that you can navigate only within
       single maps. It is not possible to navigate from an address in one
       map to an address in another map.

   7. You can select here the navigation language of your preference to be
       installed. This selection is for the language which you hear during
       the navigation as well as the written text in the menu guide.

   8. Please double check the selected options once more before iniciating
       the transfer process into the SD card. On the left side you will see the
       map material which you would like to install and on the right side the
       well-chosen languages. Below the selected software is marked. If you
       still want to make changes you can carry them out with the back-key.
       Click on „next“ to start the installation.

   9. Because now the real installation begins a loading beam bar appears.
       This process can take several minutes according to how many maps
       have been selected. Some times the beam stays at 98% and 99%
       when the installation is ending. Please have some patience and do
       not interrupt by any means the installation. When the process has
       ended you will receive a message that the installation is concluded.
       Simply click on „Ok “.

 10. Now you can remove the SD card from the card reader and insert it into your device.


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