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Which device am I using?

Different products like map material or certain software versions can be used only with specific devices. If you want to know which device you own, please proceed as follows:

Navigation Systems

    ● On the original purchase box your device came in or in the
       enclosed user's manual guide, the device's model should be
    ● In many devices the name and model of the device is specified in
       written form on an attached sticker found at the bottom side or at
       the backside of the device itself.
    ● With NAVIGON PNAs as for example PNA 6000 or NAVIGON 2100
       you will be able to find this specified there. With the NAVIGON 2100
       you must check the backside.

Mobile Phones / PDAs

    ● With PDAs or mobile phones often only the manufacturer's name
       is specified on the hardware but not the model.
    ● Most manufacturers have inserted the device's model name inside
       the device itself, usually under the battery.
    ● Switch off your device and remove the battery. Now you will find the
       device's model with labels as for example Nokia model: N95
       or Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox N520.
    ● If you are not yet sure about the model of your device, you may check
       and try to find a match to the names displayed on our compatibility
       list or contact the device's manufacturer.


    ● For some smartphones such as the iPhone, opening the case
       cover is not recommended.
    ● With most smartphones you can find the exact description of the
       device using the software menu.Usually you can find this information
       under the menu “Settings”.

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