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If you drive using NAVIGON, you’ll want the exact details. How to download updates, for example, or install additional maps or services, or how NAVIGON FreshMaps works. You’ll find manuals, downloads and answers to your questions here.


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How can I restore my device?

With the help of NAVIGON Fresh you can reinstall the software and thus return the device to the factory state. This can be necessary when the device does not work properly anymore or when the software freezes, crashes or otherwise does not behave as intended.

Please be advised that after reinstallation your saved data and favorites will be deleted. After reinstallation a software update or reinstallation of maps can be necessary as well.

In order to reinstall the software und return the device to the factory state, follow the steps detailed below:

1.    Check if your device is on the compatibility list for the device restore

2.    Charge your device fully with the car or home charger.

3.    Connect it via USB cable directly to your PC and turn it on.
4.    Start the NAVIGON Fresh program and log in to your account with your
       email address and password.

       If NAVIGON Fresh is not installed on your PC, you can download the
       software here.

5.    Go to the menu bar at the top window border and click on
       "My NAVIGON Device" and "Restore Device".
6.    If NAVIGON Fresh does not recognize your device, please contact the
       service center.

7.    Follow the instructions and choose the device which you want to restore.

8.    When the wizard has lead you through all the steps, click "next" to
       begin the device restore.

9.    As soon as the device restore has successfully finished, check for
       updates for your device and install them.

You can also watch our video instructions (at Youtube)  for the device restore progress.


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