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The navigation system cannot be recognized as a data transfer device

Some devices can be recognized as a data transfer device while being connected to the computer via USB cable. This is necessary to connect your navigation system to NAVIGON Fresh, for example.

If your device cannot be recognized as a data transfer device, try to use another USB port. Iniciate the PC with the connected cable and the linked and switched-on navigation device once more. If there is a connection available, a connection note will be displayed on the screen.

Perhaps, your device is not suitable to be used as a data transfer device. With older devices it is possible to use a card reader and insert your SD memory card into it (this is the same as having a data transfer device connection). This is possible with the following devices:

•     21xx
•     21xxmax
•     31xx
•     51xx
•     71xx
•     81xx/83xx
•     Transonic 6000
•     Transonic 7000

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