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NAVIGON select cannot be started when abroad. What can I do?

When being started for the very first time, NAVIGON select connects shortly with the service provider. The data volume of this connection is about 20 KB.

To avoid roaming fees, many devices are set by default to not allow data connections abroad. If the first use of NAVIGON select is abroad, you must allow the needed data connection:

1.     Open the Android Start Screen and press the menu button.
2.     Then klick on "Settings" - "Wireless and network" -
         "Mobile networks" - "Data roaming" - "Yes".

Note: To avoid further data connections during navigation (e.g. for traffic messages), open the NAVIGON main menu and press the menu button. Then click on "Settings" - "Use Internet Connections" - "No".

This entry was last updated on: Tuesday, December 13, 2011 2:32 PM

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