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How can I enable or disable Safety Cameras on an Android device?

In order to enable or disable the radar info please start the NAVIGON software. Select the settings. On the tab "General" you have the option to activate or deactivate the Safety Cameras.
The  Safety Cameras are activated by default. In some countries, the operation or even installation of the Safety Cameras is forbidden. Therefore you are able to uninstall them under the settings of the navigation software. The Safety camera information can only be uninstalled if the in-app "Mobile Alert Live" was purchased. Once you have uninstalled the Safety Cameras and you would like to use them again, you have to remove the NAVIGON software and then install it back again from the Google Play Store. When reinstalling the NAVIGON App it will not be necessary to purchase the app again, since it will show as an already made purchase.

This entry was last updated on: Friday, November 14, 2014 10:22 AM

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