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Windows Phone: The software packages I activated with my new Telkom SIM card is not available in the NAVIGON select application on my new phone. What can I do?

The transfer of software packages, which were already activated once, can only be done by the NAVIGON customer service. For this purpose you have to prove that you have replaced your phone.

The customer service agent is going to need the IMEI of your old device and/or the email address which was used to register the software. The IMEI can be retrieved if you dial *#06# in your phone. You can also find the old and new IMEI on the repair document.

After performing a transfer, the customer service will send you a confirmation email. You would  have to install the NAVIGON select software again to activate the packages.

Please note:
Software packages, which were purchased on a Windows Phone 7, cannot be transferred to another platform (e.g. Android, Apple).

This entry was last updated on: Thursday, January 29, 2015 1:49 PM

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