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How do I activate the Logbook?

In order to activate the Logbook, please proceed as follows:

1.     Go to the main menu and click "Options" - "Settings" - "Navigation" - "Logbook".
2.     Set the settings for the "Logbook" to "Yes".
3.     Tap "OK". Starting from now every trip will be recorded until you
        put the settings for the Logbook back to "NO". However, you will
        be able to exclude serveral trips from recording.

Good to know: In case you don't navigate, the navigation system will record tours anyway. If you like your tours to be recorded, your navigation system must be activated and receiving a GPS signal.

Note: The logbook is only available till MN7 devices.

This entry was last updated on: Monday, October 20, 2014 11:35 AM

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