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How can I read my Logbook recordings?

The several tours will be recorded on the internal memory of your device as "Lokbook.xls". This file type can be read with Microsoft Excel. The "Lokbook.xls" file will be created during the first record of a tour in the "NAVIGON" - "Logbook" directory .

Please follow the instructions below if you want to read out your Logbook recordings:

    1. Connect your device via USB cable with your computer.

    2. Choose the right removable medium.

    3. In the folder "NAVIGON" - "Logbook" you will find your recordings.

    4. You can open the recordings with a program that is able to read
        *.xls files. For example, you can use Microsoft Excel.

Note: The logbook is only available till MN7 devices.

This entry was last updated on: Monday, October 20, 2014 11:42 AM

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