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Android: How can I transfer the MobileNavigator software to a different / new Android device?

You can transfer your MobileNavigator software easily and free of charge to a different or new Android device. The only requirement is that the app had been purchased directly from the Play Store, formerly the Android Market.

In order to transfer the MobileNavigator software to a different Android device, please proceed as follows:

     1.  Log in with your new device using the same Google Account,
          which was used at the time of purchase for the MobileNavigator.

     2.  Go to the Google Play Store.

     3.  Go to "My Downloads".

     4.  Download the app again. There will not be any additional charges.


      •   Apps that have been purchased through the Google Play Store
          can also be administrate/managed on your PC/computer.
          Just sign in to the Play Store with your account.

     •   You can use the NAVIGON app at the same time on different
         Android devices (e.g. smarth phones, tablet computer).
         In order to do so, just download the App again from the
         Google Play Store and install it on the device. It's important
         to ensure that you always use the same Google Account

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