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If you drive using NAVIGON, you’ll want the exact details. How to download updates, for example, or install additional maps or services, or how NAVIGON FreshMaps works. You’ll find manuals, downloads and answers to your questions here.


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Optional Content is invisible / not available in NAVIGON Fresh

If you are not able to see optional content for your device (e.g. FreshMaps) in the FreshShop, please follow the steps below:

1.     Start NAVIGON Fresh and go to "File" - "Settings" - "Country".

2.     Change to the country where you have bought your device.

         If it is a Via Michelin device, change the country to France.
         If it is not a Via Michelin device, change the country to the one
         where the device is from.

         EU22/23 devices are not for the German, Austrian and Swiss
         market and therefore are not sold there. If you do not know where
         your device is from, please ask your retailer or try a random
         country (e.g. Spain) to see if it works.

3.     All optional services and additional content for your device
        will be available for purchase now.

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