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An error message appears while the route is being calculated. What can I do?

Errors can occur while a route is being calculated. The following reasons are possible for an error message:

▪     This route contains the route point "home address".
      It is possible a home address was not entered. The home address
      can be chosen only as a route point if it's already saved. Enter your
      home address.

▪     The destination could not be loaded / the route could not be loaded.
       This might be an error in the saving procedure. Try again.

▪     File error.
      Either it was corrupted (e.g. by magnet effect), or the file was loaded
      with a different software.

▪     No more destinations /  routes can be stored.
      The memory storage capacity is full. Remove or delete not required
      files, as for example MP3s or pictures. You can make a backup copy
      of the memory card and restore this copy into a bigger memory card.
      You can use the free software NAVIGON Fresh.

▪     The route cannot be stored or renamed.
  The memory card is write protected. Remove the writing protection.
       Please notice that the software possibily has to be restarted after
       the reinsertion of the memory card.

▪     A route with the same name is already stored.
      Choose another name for the route.

▪     In the name of the route are unreadable characters.
      Choose another name without special characters for the route.

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