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If you drive using NAVIGON, you’ll want the exact details. How to download updates, for example, or install additional maps or services, or how NAVIGON FreshMaps works. You’ll find manuals, downloads and answers to your questions here.


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What is "Latest Map Guarantee"?

With the "Latest Map Guarantee" NAVIGON guarantees that:

If within 30 days after the first use of your new NAVIGON device there appears an updated map material, then you are able to download this map material free of charge. It does not matter if the device has been e.g. Stored by the merchant for 6 months, those 30 Days start to count from the moment that your device receives the first GPS signal. (Charges may incurr for the data transmission.)

How to use the "Latest Map Guarantee":

     1.  Download the NAVIGON Fresh software.

     2.  Install NAVIGON Fresh on your computer.
          (These steps will not be necessary if NAVIGON Fresh is
          already installed on your computer.)

     3.  Connect your device to your computer with an USB cable.

     4.  Turn the navigation device on and start NAVIGON Fresh.

     5.  Create a MyNAVIGON account. If you already have a
           MyNAVIGON account, please Sign In.

     6.  Register the connected navigation device.

     7.  On the main menu of NAVIGON Fresh click on “My System”.

     8.  Click on "Latest Map Guarantee". The latest map for your
           navigation device is now activated.

     9.  Click on "Download Maps & Services", to start the download.
          If necessary, select the letter of the drive under which
          your navigation device was detected.

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