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iPhone: Problems with the GPS-Signal

Please note: There are iPhone updates available for 1.8.2 Premium and 1.4.2 Select, which fix the common GPS issues encountered by some of the devices. Please install new updates to your device before you try one of the following instructions. The updates are available in iTunes.

In isolated cases problems with the GPS positioning and the GPS signal have been reported. A limited GPS signal can have different reasons:

▪     Bad positioning of the iPhone in the car. Like with every portable
      navigation device, the iPhone should always have a "free view to the sky".

▪     Metallized thermally insulated windshield.

▪     Usage of design or protective covers has a very negative
      influence on the reception of a GPS signal.

Important advice: Please ensure that the NAVIGON software must be enabled in the location services of your iPhone to receive a GPS signal at all. Please go to the settings of your iPhone and choose "General" - "Location Services" (must be enabled). Make sure that your NAVIGON software is activated.

If you still have problems with the GPS reception, please do the following steps (A, B):

A.     Perform a soft-reset in order to restart the iPhone.

Information: Your saved data and information will not be deleted during this procedure. Apple describes the process as follows:

1.     Hold the standby button (the On/Off Button on the top right side of
        the iPhone) and at the same time the HOME button for at least
        10 seconds until the Apple-Logo appears.

2.     Afterwards, the iPhone will reboot again.

B.     Perform a reset.
        (This step is only necessary, if the soft-reset does not help
        to solve the GPS problem).

1.     You can find the necessary instructions here.

If you still have problems with the GPS signal after performing the soft-reset and the reset, then it is possible that the hardware is defective. In this case please contact the store in which you purchased your device.


This entry was last updated on: Friday, February 17, 2012 1:19 PM

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