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Android App 3.6 Error on Samsung Galaxy S2

Following error message may appear when using the Android app on the Samsung Galaxy S2 device: "com.navigon.navigator_checkout_eu40".

This error message appears when contents on the phone of different versions mixe up. It seems that something goes wrong when updating to the 3.6 version. In order to solve the problem, please perform the following steps:

     1.  Start the App.

     2.  If a restart does not work, then uninstall the
          NAVIGON App from your phone.

     3.  Remove all folders wich contain “NAVIGON” as part of the name
          from the internal memory and/or memory card. Connect your
          Smartphone to your PC (mass storage). Search for all the folders
          related to “NAVIGON” trough the Explorer and delete them all.

     4.  Download the NAVIGON App again from the Google Play Store.

     5.  Start the NAVIGON App

     6.  Download the already puchased content (maps, packages etc.)
          again and reinstal them on your smartphone. For further
          instruction about the download, please click here.

This entry was last updated on: Monday, March 7, 2016 1:30 PM

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