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Software Upgrade for NAVIGON 70 Plus

Upgrade your NAVIGON 70 Plus to a NAVIGON 72 Plus – with the new navigation software NAVIGON Flow, One Click Menu, Spoken TMC and other useful functions that will get you safely and stress-free to your destination.

As NAVIGON Flow is a completely new developed software, several of your present functions were removed due to soft- and hardware developments. According to NAVIGON customer surveys this affects rarely used functions.


Additional functions:

     NAVIGON Flow

     Map of Europe with 44 countries

     Premium TMC for UK and France


Removed functions:

•     changed voices (USA_Nicole replaced by
       USA_Henry and USA_Serena)

     PIN Protection

     Turn-by-turn list

     NAVIGON Sync Contacts

     Track Record Function

     MERIAN Sightseeing (Teaser)

     NAVIGON Sightseeing Tours (Teaser)

     Landmark View 3D (if this function was purchased before)

     PDF manuals are no longer stored on the device
      but are available for download here

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