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NAVIGON Fresh indicates the error CG 2009. How can this error be solved?

In order to solve the error CG 2009 in NAVIGON Fresh, a new version of NAVIGON Fresh was created, which we gladly provide it to you as a Beta version.
This version includes some new features that improve the connection between your PC and the NAVIGON server. NAVIGON Fresh Beta is fully functional, but it might contain minor display and/or translation errors, however these do not affect the function of the program.

How to install NAVIGON Fresh Beta on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7:

1. If NAVIGON Fresh is already installed – please uninstall NAVIGON Fresh manually (via, Start Menu '-' NAVIGON '- NAVIGON Fresh' or 'Settings' - 'Software')

2. Please remove the temporary NAVIGON Fresh files. You will find the register as follows:

  • Windows Vista/7: c:/users/%username%/appdata/roaming
  • Windows XP c:/documents and settings/%username%/application data

 (%username%: indicates the name of the registered user on the PC)

3. Please delete the program folder NAVIGON Fresh if it is still available under:
"C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files(x86)"

4. Download NAVIGON Fresh Beta under the following link:

5. Save NAVIGON_Fresh.exe on the desktop and wait until the download is completed.

6. Right click on ud_setup_win_346.exe and select 'Run as administrator'

7. NAVIGON Fresh Beta is now being installed

8. Follow the instructions on the monitor to complete the installation

How to install NAVIGON Fresh Beta for Mac OS X:

1. If NAVIGON Fresh is still installed, proceed to first uninstall the program:

  • Open the Mac Finder and left click on "Programs"
  • Locate the NAVIGON Fresh icon and open it by right-clicking (or Ctrl + click) the context menu
  • Select "Move to Trash"
  • Go to Trash and choose "Empty Trash"

2. Download NAVIGON Fresh Beta under the following link:

3. Double click on "ud_setup_mac_346.pkg" to install NAVIGON Fresh

4. Follow the instructions on the monitor to complete the installation

If NAVIGON Fresh Beta does not solve the described error, please refer to our customer service.

This entry was last updated on: Friday, June 28, 2013 3:56 PM

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