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How are map data being created?

The basis for our navigation maps are provided by detailed and comprehensive recording of the road network. The map data has to be updated constantly because approximately 15% of the road network changes yearly (new roads, changes to existing roads, one-way streets etc.). The map data is not created by NAVIGON but delivered by specialised map suppliers such as NAVTEQ.

To keep the map data up to date, several million kilometres of road are travelled yearly, digitalised and linked to characteristics. These Characteristics are properties which describe the roads or road sections (e.g. one-way road, no turning, motorway, country road, speed limit), as well as POIs such as: railway stations, petrol stations, restaurants, etc. Specially equipped vehicles collect this information. Afterwards the data is digitally processed in a complex process.

You can be assured that when you purchase NAVIGON software or NAVIGON devices you get the most up-to-date map information.

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