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What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is an industry standard for the wireless networking of devices over short distances.

Bluetooth provides a wireless interface through which small mobile devices (e.g. mobile phones and PDAs), computers and peripherals can communicate with each other. The main purpose of Bluetooth is to make cable connections between devices superfluous.

The first connection between two specific devices (pairing) must be initiated manually. This usually requires a password to be entered. If both devices have a keyboard, the password is freely selectable. Otherwise the password is specified by the device without a keyboard. This password is often "0000". You will always find the password in the corresponding manual. Depending on the Bluetooth settings you select, the devices will connect automatically the next time they come within range of each other.

For details of how to initiate a Bluetooth connection with a certain device, refer to the manual issued for the device in question.

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