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What is the difference between onboard and offboard navigation?

Onboard navigation
The navigation device works independently. The navigation software and the maps are saved on the device. The route can be calculated by the device itself. Everything you need for onboard navigation (the device, software, maps) has to be purchased once only.
It can then be put to unlimited use. No additional costs are required.

Offboard navigation
Navigation is offered as a service. Communication between the navigation device and the provider's server takes place via a mobile phone connection (GPRS/UMTS). The maps are on the server and always up to date. The software on the navigation device is responsible for communicating with the server and for navigating along the routes which are calculated by the server. For offboard navigation you need a mobile phone and a GPS receiver (possibly a built-in feature of the mobile phone). The software is often available free of charge. There are various modalities for calculating navigation service charges, e.g. route by route or as a subscription which permits unlimited use of the service for a certain period of time. Charges are required in addition for using the mobile phone network.

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