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If you drive using NAVIGON, you’ll want the exact details. How to download updates, for example, or install additional maps or services, or how NAVIGON FreshMaps works. You’ll find manuals, downloads and answers to your questions here.


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What am I able to do in my MyNAVIGON account?

Under your MyNAVIGON account you will find many functions to arrange, organize or administrate your products, data and other services or acquisitions. Here you find a short overview of these functions:

The Main page
On the home page of the account, there is a list of all functions. These are described individually below:

My details
Here you can check your personal information, such as shipping address, email address and phone number. You can modify the information at any time.

My orders
Here you can look up, which orders you have already made.

My registered products
Here you find your registered products.

Register product
We recommend you to register your device using this program (NAVIGON Fresh). As mentioned before, NAVIGON Fresh is a free program that allows you to easily update your device. Through the NAVIGON Fresh shop you can also buy services / functions that are compatible with your registered device.

Change password
Here you have the option to change your password.

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