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Is Reality View® also available for devices of the NAVIGON 2100 series?

For devices in the NAVIGON 2100 series you can purchase Reality View® as an add-on. To do so please proceed as follows:

1.     Visit the NAVIGON online shop and purchase Reality View®.
        (If you do not yet have a MyNAVIGON account then you will
        need to set one up before you can place an order).

2.     Connect your navigation device with a USB cable to your computer.
        You can also insert the memory card of the navigation device into
        the computer's card reader.

3.     Install the NAVIGON Fresh program on your computer.
        (This step will not be necessary if you have already installed
         NAVIGON Fresh on your computer).

4.     Open the NAVIGON Fresh program. Tap on MyNAVIGON-Account.
        Tap on MyNAVIGON account. Log-in using the same account as the
        one used to purchase Reality View®. (You may have already been
        logged in automatically. In this case you will not need to log in again.)

5.     Tap on MyNAVIGON device. Select your NAVIGON 2100 series
        navigation device from the list. (If you haven't already registered your
        navigation device then register it now.)

6.     Turn your navegation device on. Follow the instructions on the
        screen. Tap on Download Maps & Services. After it tap on Reality
        View® to download it.

7.     Turn-off your device when the download process has been completed.
        Remove the SD memory card from your computer and put it into your
        navegation device. (If you have made use of a USB cable to establish
        a connection please disconnect and remove the USB cable from your
        navigation device).

8.     Preform a softreset on your navegation device.

9.     The navigation software is reloaded. Reality View® is now available.

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