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How do I ensure that my bought software is not illegal or a pirate copy (bootleg)?

When purchasing software, be aware, that the sealing of the packaging should be intact.Most of the time, even the hull of the disk itself is sealed again. When activating (enabling) the software there must be a serial number. Many people buy e.g. in online auction houses the used NAVIGON software and must then find out that they have purchased a pirated copy.

Please ask the seller of the used software to provide you with the original bill/receipt and do not let the payment go through until you have received the original bill/receipt! Bills or receipts, that does not originate from NAVIGON or an authorized dealer, are not not considered as original bill/receipt. If you are not sure, please do not buy.

Please always ensure that the software you are buying really is compatible with the device you wish to install it on (according to NAVIGONs compatibility lists). Please contact the NAVIGON Service Center, if you think that you might have bought illegal software or a pirate copy/bootleg.

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