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If you drive using NAVIGON, you’ll want the exact details. How to download updates, for example, or install additional maps or services, or how NAVIGON FreshMaps works. You’ll find manuals, downloads and answers to your questions here.


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What is the difference betweeen an update and an upgrade?

Upgrade and Update are two important terms used for navigation devices and navigation software. Find out the small but subtle differences:

An update brings the version of a software up-to-date. It fixes bugs, makes the software run faster or incorporates minor improvements. An update can normally be identified by the fact that the first digit of the version number does not changed (e.g. an update from version number 6.1 to 6.2). Also NAVIGON updates are available free of charge.

An upgrade is a new version of the existing software, which contains additional functions and may also offers a new user interface, therefore the value of the software increases significantly. An upgrade can normally be identified because the first digit of the version number changes (e.g. from 5.3 to 6.0) NAVIGON upgrades have an aditional cost, sometimes there are special conditions applying.

How to perform an upgrade of its NAVIGON product, please click here.

If your navigation software or your navigation device was brought out after June 2007, please use NAVIGON Fresh to keep your navigation software up-to-date at all times. NAVIGON Fresh will automatically search for updates and install them when they are available.

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