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The suggested route is different to what I would have expected. What might be the reason for this?

The way in which the route is calculated depends on many factors:

▪     Which route options have you chosen?
      (E.g. Motorways: Allow, Forbid, ...).

▪     What type of route do you want the system to calculate?
      (Fast Route, Short Route, ...)

▪     Which type of vehicle has been specified?
      (Bicycle, Pedestrian, Standard Car, ...)

▪     Which map is available?
      (How old is the navigation map? Have the traffic rules changed?
      Have any new roads been added?)

▪     What traffic conditions are to be expected at a given time?
      (This is a question which can really only be answered by
      drivers with local knowledge.)

Even if all of these parameters have been perfectly selected and you have the latest map, the navigation system may still calculate a different route to the one that you - as a driver with local knowledge - would choose. This does not represent a product defect in the sense of the warranty.

In many cases different drivers with local knowledge would recommend different routes. Ultimately, the route chosen by a particular driver will also depend on personal preferences. Of course, no navigation system could ever take such preferences fully into account. However, wherever you are heading, you can be sure that a navigation system from NAVIGON will guide you quickly and reliably to your destination.

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