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Is unrestricted use of the NAVIGON Safety Camera allowed?

In some countries, use of NAVIGON Safety Camera is prohibited or only allowed with restrictions. In certain countries it is even prohibited to install NAVIGON Safety Camera, regardless of whether the software is deactivated. Before setting off on a journey, check whether the installation or use of NAVIGON Safety Camera is legal in the country in which you want to travel.

A current version of NAVIGON Safety Camera with the latest traffic control system data can be purchased in the NAVIGON online shop.

Please note: Due to legal restrictions, traffic monitoring systems for some countries are not available. Furthermore: Installation or use of NAVIGON Safety Camera is a misdemeanour in some European countries. NAVIGON accepts no liability for the legality of installation or use of NAVIGON Safety Camera. Moreover, NAVIGON does not undertake any guarantee for the accuracy or entirety of the traffic monitoring systems contained.

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